Events Not Working

yes @Balanced_Kitchen
i think the thunkable team really needs to look into this because i dont have any project which doesnt have a button

I had the problem, it got fixed when I entered an API

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@vishruth Can you tell me a little more about what you mean? Because for me the Web API component does not work for Android at all.


Could you pls clarify what you mean by entered an API? What if the App doesn’t use any Web API components at all?


Hi there,

There’s a lot of responses here, so I just want to get a concise description in one place:

What do you mean by an ‘event’? Do you mean that blocks inside a ‘when Button Click’ block won’t work? Or that any action inside a ‘when’ block won’t work?

Does this apply to every kind of block you could place in a ‘when Button Click’ block, or to specific blocks?


Though I am not the original person who posted this query in my case the app crashes are not really ‘event’ based rather when a screen is entered itself it crashes and displays the ‘Critical Error’ notification. The screens are either regular landing screens with some clickable images or buttons, or login/signup or screens which have Data Lists which load on opening.


One thing I can confirm is any app using Web API designed using StP UI crashes whenever starts. This was found out by @gobassky he also found out that if the URL of thevWeb API is supplied in design time and not through the URL blocks then it would work fine.

Having said this, both @overturner and @Balanced_Kitchen have reported about buttons crashing the app and it does not matter if the button has a code behind it or not. Once a button added to that project it crashes when tested.

Hope that makes it clear.


Hi @jane, thank you for replying

Any action inside a when block wont work. I tried it with a when screen opens and when text input submit blocks.

Every kind of block

Also , the project page live preview does work , so i suppose there is something wrong with the actual designer page


Thank you for that info.

I can reproduce this behavior with invisible components when a Button is clicked. I haven’t been able to reproduce it using other event blocks, but it doesn’t seem super reliable to reproduce.

I also notice that when a project has this behavior on Android, and I test it on iOS, the Buttons become distorted, as thought their height has been set to ‘fill container’. This is making me think that it’s specifically an issue with how the Button is calling invisible components’ functions, but of course if that is inaccurate I would like to know!

For the sake of keeping things as uniform as possible, can people try this project with different event blocks?

I can make it crash when I use ‘when Button Click’. If you make it crash with any other event block, let me know, since at least we’re working from the same base project.

Feel free to remix, feel free to add other components with event blocks such as Timers.

Edit: I do only see this behavior when invisible components’ functions are called in the ‘when’ block. Let me know if you see it in projects that don’t contain any invisible components.


I tested your project on Android 9 and it’s robust and does not crash.


@jane Thanks for looking into this.

I merely added the Web_API component from the design page. Did nothing else.
Able to replicate the crash on android phone.

For iphone, the blue button is distorted.

On the desktop PC, the link to test on responsive webapp is missing.


Thanks for trying it out!

I have seen it crash with the ‘when Button Click’ block, even though it’s not perfectly reproducible. If you can test it using different ‘when’ blocks, and see if you can make it crash with any event other than ‘when Button Click’, that would be really great to hear about.

Right now I can only confidently say this this behavior is seen when an invisible component’s function is called from a ‘when Button Click’ event, so I’m seeing if that scope can be any broader.


Can you share a projectPage link for this project?


This is the link. I got error copying but may be you can.

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I tried the project with all sorts of events for each of the following: button, text_input, label but could not get it to crash.


Hi , for me As i said , the text input and button events dont work. But @muneer says that they work. So it is a problem for some and not all i suppose

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I’m using Android 9 and the Thunkable app version is 28306.
Can you let me know yours? Maybe it works for me due version differences.

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Strange. I removed the web_API to the original state of your app. It still crashes. I have to delete the whole app and remixed again. I tried this several times. This is how I replicated the crash without adding anything to the app.

  1. The remixed app opened fine and worked fine. I noticed the “upgrade to drag and drop function” is available.

  2. Without making any changes, I exited the app, and from the Thunkable landing page, enter into the “Camera and Image Recognition blocks” app. Now the “upgrade to drag and drop” is gone.

  3. Then without changing anything, I click live test. worked the first time. waited for a while less than a minute. I click the live tests again. Then the crash happened.

Don’t think the issue is about blocks.

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@muneer Thunkable Inc. Version v284-18-prod this is my version . But i never got to check on my phone because whenever i open the thunkable live app , it shows me that scary error message.

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I can see that you’re a beta tester, so that might be why you’re seeing that icon at the top for a second. I don’t think it’s directly relevant to this behavior, since it won’t do anything unless it’s clicked.

Since Balanced_Kitchen also sees this behavior, and it not a beta tester, I don’t think it’s an issue with the beta testing server.

@overturner if you open the Thunkable Live listing in the Google Play Store, do you see an update available to download? Or do you have the most recent version of the app downloaded?