Duplicating multiple blocks WITHOUT a host block?


I want to select and duplicate multiple blocks in one go within the same screen. I know I can do this by selecting the host block (say an “if” block) and duplicating that, then winnowing down to the blocks I want to use. But I just think there is probably a better/faster/more direct way of doing this. Anyone know how? I already tried holding down various combinations of shift/ctrl/alt but nothing worked out.


Copy across screens? you can duplicate entire screen with all the blocks within. To do it across apps, can save the screen as “my screens” and then add into another app. All the blocks will be available.

It will be nice if Thunkable have the “backpack” copy space like MIT APP Inventor… but unfortunately they do not have it.

Copy across screens in blocks mode works fine. Select a block in Screen A, press “Ctrl - c”, go to Screen B and press “Ctrl - v”, and there it is, maybe in an unexpected place of the blocks screen :smile:

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Thanks to both of you but I actually mean within the same screen. Duplicating a single block is easy enough with the right-click menu but if you see several blocks you need surrounded by unwanted blocks…how to select them in one go before Ctrl C?


Cut and paste works well enough on this to satisfy my needs. What I’m hoping to learn is how to make multiple non-joined selections BEFORE Ctrl C.