About how to duplicate and copy blocks

How do I duplicate a part of the created block and paste it into another project?

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There is no easy way to do that.

  • In DnD, you can not do that.
  • In StP, you can save the screen and then use the screen in another project from the saved screen option.

I was worried about it too!
All I have to do is save the scene!
Thank you! :smiling_face:
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While you can’t copy blocks between projects easily:

Copying blocks is pretty simple!

First select a single block or block combination. Then using your keyboard, simultaneously click ‘ctrl’ + ‘C’ to copy the blocks to your browsers memory.

Next, either on the same screen or a different block screen within the same project, click where you’d like the blocks to be pasted, then simultaneously click ‘ctrl’ + ‘V’ and your blocks will appear and be ready to use.

Please note, if you use this feature and any of your blocks refer to a visual component from another screen you will need to correct this or likely experience undesired results when running the app including potential crashes. You must remove reference to components that don’t exist on the visual screen the blocks correspond with.

Unfortunately though, and to reiterate. here, you can only copy/paste blocks within the same project. We don’t support cross project copy/pasting of blocks at this time.

How to Save and reuse a Screen

Thunkable allows you to reuse a screen, and its associated blocks, in multiple projects with the “Save to My Screens” feature. You can find the save screen button at the top of the properties for every screen component in your app.

Name Your Screen

It’s important that when you save your screen you use a descriptive and memorable name that describes what your screen does. The example below is for a sign in screen, which is something that often get reused across multiple projects.

Add a New Screen

Once you’ve saved a screen, any time you click the + button at the top of your component tree to add a new screen to your project, you will be given the option to add a blank screen or to “Add From Saved Screens”.

Choose a Saved Screen

Simply choose the screen that you want to add in and click the “Copy” button to proceed.

Please note

This save screen feature is only available for Business and Team level users.

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I must say it is unfortunate that this feature was available in the first Beta version of DnD and then removed. Are we going backwards in features!!! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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not going backward in features, it was never available to everyone in DnD i thought, but we had to beta test it to make sure it was well functional. That said, any project that started with it should still have it (i think, though I could be wrong)

We didn’t remove it from StP for non Business users, I’m guessing, because we plan to deprecate StP and so users can experience this cool feature to potentially upgrade at some point should they need it.

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See this post where I provide an old screenshot of DnD screen menu with this option available for all but then suddenly removed.


:person_shrugging: guess i’m mistaken :slight_smile:
either way, it was a beta test and was removed and limited to certain subscription levels moving forward. I can be sure to communicate these types of things as i participate in any future beta testing to ensure more clarity for users.

To clarify here: save screen/import screen is available for Business and Team level subscriptions.

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Thank you very much. I’m sorry I can’t do it.

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I hope I can do it!
thunkable, I want that feature! :heart_eyes:
I would be very happy if you could do it! :smiling_face:

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