Duplication of screen and block

Hello, we can duplicate screens in Thunkable classic by a trick (getting the .aia, opening it, copying and pasting the screen and putting another name)

But it’s not possible in the paying version of Thunkable.

I would like to be able to duplicate the screen in itself but also the blocks.

It’s really required, if we want to be able to do sophisticated apps, and avoid the burden of doing again and again many complicated blocks.

When this feature will be made available please ?

And if someone know a way to do it, I’ll be glad to know !

Hi @MyGbk,

Before going to the trouble of repeating yourself over and over again I’d recommend you check out this tutorial by @Darren

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Hi Domhnall, this is an interesting concept
While it may complicate the code management, it’s true that it remove the burden of managing an infinite number of screens.
I’ll definitely have a try
Thank you !