Copying blocks between screens within the same app


I made a list variable of 21 strings yesterday and today realized it was in the wrong screen. So, naturally I grabbed the blocks up to the screen menu at the top of the block editing window and dropped it into the correct screen…but it never turned up in the intended screen.

I know how to copy whole screens now, but at this stage I have two almost complete screens, one of which has blocks intended for the other. Can I get these blocks across somehow? It would be a neat feature to be able to drag blocks up to other screens in the way described above. (I realize that it’s probably unnecessary to copy the variable list across to have it function across screens. It’s really just a preference to keep relevant stuff together.)

hi penny

click on the block/s to select. if using windows do the ctrl c then ctrl v to paste in target screen. you will have to reselect variables in most cases. also buttons and other components arent transferred with the blocks.

hope this helps.

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Brilliant! Thank you.