Does Thunkable X have a Media Player component?


I want to create a streaming media player with 3 - 4 categories. When the user selects a category, audio files play for them shuffled, in an endless loop until the user closes the screen.

I can’t figure out how to retrieve multiple mp4s from an external source like Google Drive. I can’t find any help on “how to use lists, random indexes from lists” (which is what one thunkable user suggested that I to look into). I haven’t made any progress on this at all and I have no idea what keywords I should be using as I search for more guidance.

I see information on extensions for a media player (Taifun) and the “Player” component which doesn’t seem to be available for X platform?

Is it possible to create this in XPlatform with little app development knowledge?
Should I be creating this in Thunkable Classic?
Is there any way to transfer what you’ve made in Xplatform to Classic? :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your help!

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Hi, @looovelee! :wave:

Thanks for a great explanation, that helped me a lot while reading :smile:

For playing music, you should try the Sound Component

You can either add a .mp3 file to the assets, or add the file’s google drive url by clicking “Type in URL” :smile:

Yes. If you have a some Thunkable Classic knowledge, it would help you a lot :smile:
If you encounter any problems, we’re here to help :wink:

Try Thunkable X, your app will also work on iOS as well as Android :wink:

No; Because Thunkable X has different components, different properties and many more different things which prevent you from taking your Thunkable X app to Thunkable Classic :neutral_face:

Hope I helped you :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush:

Hello Kartik - thank you so much for your replies and help! So, I will most likely have 100s of sound files (maybe more). I will be updating the external folder regularly with these. I need the app to grab the specific folder where all of these 100s of sound files are located and then play them in a random order (shuffle), infinitely. I can see how to connect 1 single sound file externally via sound component. That’s not what I need here and so I’m not sure how to proceed.

I do not want to update the app with a new URL (or 20) every time I update the Google drive folder with new files. I just want the app to reach out to this folder when the user click the category, and start streaming them one by one.

Is there any way to do this? Am I going about this the wrong way?
I was asking if this is more achievable within Thunkable Classic for Android rather than the Xplatform, as we do not even have the “Player” component in Xplatform.

Thank you again for your help!

Essentially, I am under the impression I should be doing something like what this video is showing:

But it is not in English, so I can’t fully understand what he is saying to do here! :pleading_face:

I think I need to:

1 - Connect my app to a spreadsheet

  • How? I am happy to use Google sheets or spreadsheets within thunkable if needbe.

2 - Then pull in the spreadsheet column that has all of the media urls listed out.

3 - When app has these URLs it then streams these files one by one (in a random, shuffled order)

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Hi, @looovelee! :wave:

This is what I was expecting from you :wink: You have -

So, back to the topic :sweat_smile: -

:arrow_right: Airtable Setup

  • The spreadsheets you should use (and he only one) is Airtable (Click “Airtable”).
    Only read till “Setup” in the above document :smile: Rest, is not of your work currently.

  • After you set-up your Table, There must be 3 columns named “Name”, “Notes” & “Attachments”. Delete the notes and attachment columns by right-clicking them. :wink:

  • Right-click the “Name” column & rename it to “URLs”. & Table Name to “Music”.

Note: Your Table Name(s), and column name(s) are CaSe SeNsItIvE :slight_smile:

  • Now, add 3 sample Audio URLs, and head over to Thunkable X :smile:

:arrow_right: Just a quick question,

From where are you getting your audio URLs?
Are you using an hosting service?
(Don’t worry, there’s no problem at all. Just asking :wink:)

:arrow_right: Thunkable X Designer Area

  • Drag a sound Component and a Spreadsheet Component -

I presume that you have read the Airtable Documentation from above, and you have Setup your Table.

  • Your Airtable component will look like -

I will assist you the blocks part later tomorrow, i got to go :pensive:

Thanks! :blush:


Sorry for the very late reply! We had a bit of sickness in my family lately, so only getting back to work today! :sweat_smile::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::woozy_face:

Wow I really can’t thank you enough for taking so much time to send such thorough instructions! I appreciate the screenshots as well. I never heard of Airtable, but this looks like a great tool.

You have already been SO much help and made it very easy for me to follow so far. Thank you again! I’ve gone ahead and set this up so far.

If you are still able to lead me a bit with the blocks portion I’d appreciate it so much.

You are so kind!

Many thanks,


Oh Boy, Are you all okay? :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton for your feedback :blush:

I am currently busy for a while, will assist you the blocks part at ~ 2019-10-01T15:30:00Z

Thanks a lot! :blush:

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Thank you again!

Looking forward to the lesson! :grin::laughing::clap:

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OH forgot to reply to this! I was using “Cloudinary”, but am happy to move to any option that is the easiest. Do you have a recommendation?


If you are using Cloudinary, it’s Great :wink:

No one can be an alternate Cloudinary :wink:

Extremely Sorry, I was very busy with my other app :pensive:
I could have made your tutorial then only, but an app urgency came up. :sweat_smile:

I cannot give it now too, because I have an App Designing Session with @yuexi2009 (Thunkable’s Designer) :star_struck:
It is given to me, because I am the grand prize winner of the August Hackathon :blush:

I will try ma best to provide you tommorow (IST) :slight_smile:
Sorry for the great delay :neutral_face:

btw, your English skills are Incredible! :+1:

Thanks for your Patience! :blush:

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Thank you! I appreciate your help when you are able.

Also, congratulations on winning the August Hackathon. :smile: Great job!

PS: English is my first language - so that helps! :wink:


Hi @looovelee, I saw that your original post mentioned .mp4 files so just thought I’d let you know that the Video component is now available too.


Wonderful! Thank you very much for the update. :relaxed::clap::clap::clap: