Radio App in cross platform?

Hi there.

I’m capable of creating a online radio app in Thunkable classic. In the media catagory we have the “player”. Now in cross platform that “player” is gone ? So what to use then ? I tried the “sound” but it does not react the same way, when using start and stop buttons.

Hope to hear from you guys


look at this

I have taken a look. But I’m not sure what to look for. The stream links does not work either. What is it supposed to do when I click one of the stations ? Start to play or open a webpage ? If it’s the last then thats not what I’m looking for. I 'm looking for a way to press play and stop on a buttton that refferes to the stream of my choice as in “PLAYER” in the classic version off Thunkable :wink:

My example works only under iOS. When you select a station from the list, the system player opens with the ability to play, pause, and play after pausing.

How can it work only under ios if it’s a cross platform service? Am I missing something?

Thunkable X has different functionality for iOS and Android. Moreover, the current version of Thunkable X is much better and more stable running under iOS than under Android. To test this, try to look at the project on both platforms -


Is there any chance that you could share the project where you tried to get your app using the Sound component? We really want to make that component work reliably!

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mark.

I have deleted the project unfortunately. I’m now using the web component as you said. I still have a problem though on Android.
When playing in background screen closed the music stops after 10 minutes because of the doze function after Android 6. Is there a workaround? A way to implement a foreground service perhaps?