Sound component for a live radio station

Is it possible to use the sound component to stream a radio station?
I’ve been trying but it doesn’t seem to work at all so how can this be done in ThunkableX without a web view?

Hey @Scene,

One of our awesome Community members @actech has created this solution for you.

Hey @eoinparkinson thanks a lot for your response. I was actually talking before with @actech very nice guy… his solution is web view so it doesn’t really help me, I’m looking for a native solution.

I’d appreciate any help, thanks!

Ahh okay. Well I’ve previously had decent luck using the video component. I don’t know how your radio broadcast (stream url) comes through, but it may play through the video component. Set the source to the audio stream.

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it cant be done on this platform i have a radio in playstore since API26 i need to update and cant do it here

Actually can be done, I just did following @eoinparkinson IT WORKS! is streaming the radio station


well i would have to try that and see well cant play in the background that the mos important thing about a radio app

Yes effectively the video component works! the ThunkableX team should add the same component with the label radio stream … in the editor would be great to see these guys improving that element cause it works! it can stream radio stations!
@eoinparkinson Thanks!

@domhnallohanlon Can you guys fix this? there is a functional radio stream component in the ThunkableX editor but is only being used as Video stream it should be also suggested to use as Radio stream and if you guys can improve it for radio streams would be fantastic! Loving ThunkableX!

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@Mikas_3D @eoinparkinson it totally works I took the video component and nested it inside a column element, then simply I hide the column element which hides as well the video component and then simply to program in the Block editor the entire functionality (play, stop, progression, etc) IT WORKS!


Great to hear that it works @Scene. Not sure on the stability of it, I just came across it. Again it all depends on the format. If anything does come up (any issues using this method), just drop a reply here. That way anybody searching this topic in the future knows if it’s a viable solution.

If the solution above works you can mark this topic as solved. All the best, Eoin.

Hey @Mikas_3D, this is well pointed out. I don’t know how this component works so maybe this wouldn’t function in the background. Mind you, ios14 allows for video overlay, and this works for Thunkable apps outside of the app. Maybe it’s something to consider here? I haven’t tested this on Android.

@Mikas_3D it plays on the background! that is what I wrote to take a column element put inside this column the video and then go to the property panel of the column and HIDE the column DON’T try to hide the column from the Block editor cause the player leaves the DOM so there is when you feel it won’t play on the background but I’m actually already using my own player not the video player at all but my player

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@eoinparkinson Stability won’t be an issue, this is behind the scenes an https protocol under an API it works for videos it works for sound. ThunkableX is behind the scenes simply React Native I know the video component used here, is a stable React Native component


It plays on the background with your own user interface! You can check my commentaries to learn more on how to do it but is a very simple solution

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Ok i will test some more

@eoinparkinson @Mikas_3D I’m not sure if is my phone or what I was testing with the Thunkable app wearing headphones and the sound works good but if I try using the speaker of the phone it doesn’t sound I checked Thunkable app permissions but I don’t see any permission for the sound?

i heard it loud on speaker

@Mikas_3D cool maybe if just my phone, I’ll run some more tests to see why I hear it only through headphones, my phone speaker sounds good with any other app

You’ll need to turn silent mode off on your device, at least for iPhones anyway.

That’s great, guys! I see that you have found an interesting solution to use a video component for a radio stream. I also thought about it, but I didn’t think to use the play block to start playback )))

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