Sound component

how to use sound component. sound source online music stream.
Plz help me

dont use sound component for streaming audio. use web component

use player for the online song stream and add your source of music

Give your streaming address pls

Find the source of the streaming music and radio it’s a easy

Have the same issue. There’s no “player” in thunkable X?

The Sound component is the audio equivalent for classic’s Player component. Unfortunately it doesn’t currently support stream audio. If you create an issue here, it will help us track this feature request and maximize the chances of our implementing it sooner rather than later.

As a workaround, it might work to use the Web Viewer component and set it’s URL property to the streaming audio source.

Thanks in advance.


I have deleted the project unfortunately. I’m now using the web component as you said. I still have a problem though on Android.
When playing in background screen closed the music stops after 10 minutes because of the doze function after Android 6. Is there a workaround? A way to implement a foreground service perhaps

@Mark A radio stream player is quiet important many members of the community are having issues with the 2 available workarounds (video component and web viewer) there are many threads of the same topic all over the forum and nobody, of course, has been able to provide a reliable solution without the risk of, especially Apple rejecting the application submission