iOS 13 Webview Stops Playing Media when the Screen Turns Off

I’ve created a streaming radio app for my radio station using Thunkable Pro X. I’m using the webview component to wrap my website, but I load the app to default to the streaming media page. This used to work well until someone with IOS 13 reported to me that the app no longer works as soon as the screen dies or as soon as they start using another app on the phone with the music playing in the background.

I know someone posted a similar discussion in the ThunkableClassic discussion forum over a month ago. Has Thunkable fixed this problem yet? If not, I’m abandoning Thunkable as I don’t have time to wait. This is literally costing me money.

Hey @calvarybroadcasting - do you get any different behaviour if you use the Sound component instead of the Web Viewer?

This problem was reported more than 3 months ago. But of course oh it won’t be fixed :slight_smile:

Well…if I turned off my screen, I’d expect an app to stop making noise…it’s entirely possible that this was the fix @Balanced_Kitchen

i think he means there is a need for a play in the background audio component for when making streaming radio app. the work around is using webview but does not allow for continuous play

Pretty sure I tried the sound component and it either didn’t work for a continuous stream or had the same issue. Either way, I abandoned Thinkable and have a working app that plays audio in the background when the screen is off using another app builder’s platform. I’m not about to pay Thinkable more money to test something they should have working already and are more than half a year removed since my original post.

Goodbye and hope you get it working … someday…

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Thanks for the update @calvarybroadcasting!

When the screen is off, it already works, but when the application is in the background, it stops again after seconds