IOS 13.1 Streaming audio stops after screen turns off using WebView

I’ve got thunkable pro so I can make a streaming radio app, and have run into an issue with the sound stopping if the screen turns off on IOS(not tested if the issue exists on Android), making it pointless. I’ve tested on iOS 13.1.2 and iOS 13.2 beta using iPhone 11 pro max and iPhone 8 plus.

I’ve tested many different ways including the following:

1,Sound component - This does not appear to work from my testing on IOS for streaming, it appears to only work with audio files not URLs, and stops as soon as the screen turns off.
2. WebViewer - I made a mobile version of our player on our website and works perfectly via safari on IOS and Android if the screen is off, but via the app, stops after around 30 from the screen turning off.

Update: I’ve just noticed it also stops after the same 30 seconds if you switch application. So in order for it continue streaming you need to keep the screen on and and keep the app in view.

How do I enable apps to continue working in the background with Thunkable Pro?

Hi, @phonic! :wave:

Currently, iOS 13 has some issues with Thunkable X apps, please refer to this topic -

iOS 13 Golden Master CRASH

I think this should not occur, but testing and reporting here will be helpful :smile:

Yes :+1:

It’s not possible currently, PRO doesn’t matter :neutral_face:

Thank you for your reply.

I’m shocked that it’s not possible in Thunkable Pro to keep apps running in the backgroud. That really limits what can be created, as it makes audio apps useless. I wish I had known before I paid out, because if that’s the case, it sadly makes my pro account pointless. :cry:

there is some hope for having audio stream management in the background with Thunkable Pro?
Is it scheduled or will it never be possible?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

This is still need radio app should be simple thing for Thunkable Pro but audio stop while off app screen