No sound in IOS

Radio app works on Android perfect. But on ios no sound and not get text from spreadsheet cell


The OnSourceLoaded block does not work on iOS, therefore in this block the Play block does not called.

“not get text from spreadsheet cell” - this is a strange mistake. I did not notice any problems with SpreadSheet.


Try to run my internet radio project

I suggest using WebViewer instead of Sound for Internet radio.

I did with webviewer instead of sound. But from iOS it’s same. No sound.

For me on iOS 10.3 and 11.4, the radio works. I press 128, 64 or 32 kbps and there is sound play.

Ok. Thank you. May be I check with some other devices

As I understand it, the playback of Internet radio in WebViewer is an undocumented possibility. Sometimes when you start a thread in the WebViewer field, a resource loading error is displayed. You can try to play the stream using html, inserted into WebViewer using the data: protocol.

I looked at the stream links in your example and saw that they differ from the original links that are given on the site page. Look at the source code of the page, which has links to elements for streaming.

In Thunkable X, the WebViewer component works specifically. Assigning the same link to the URL block does not update the page, just like the call to the “Reload” block. Therefore, to update, you either need to specify new links each time, or click on the button to give the link “about: blank”, and in Timer with a certain delay, assign the desired link.

Thank you for your advice. Can you give example block to play stream using HTML pls?


I noticed that on iOS 10.3, you streaming occurs only when WebViewer.mediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction = false. On iOS 11.4, there is no such problem.

Hello There,

Audio stops as soon as screen is off or if I open other application.
On Android all works fine…
Could you please respond to this

I am using the streaming link -
Even on iOS I did not hear any audio using this link.

Web viewer I think is not going to be approved by Apple at least that’s my feeling … so it would be pointless to use a web viewer I mean 2020 an app must be available on iOS and Android

Any assumptions about whether or not Apple WebViewer will be approved do not make sense. For Apple, we need to talk about a specific app. If you read the publication rules, it is easy to understand that any application can be rejected from the public, but at the same time, I have seen in the store applications that crash the first time you click on the button on the first screen.