Radio APP - IOS Sound Bug & Slow Webview

Hello Thunkable community, i hope you are all doing well,

2 Years on no-code and coming from Kodular platform to create an IOS App for my company, A digital Radio,

First Problem - IOS: // IOS Native Sound
When i download and install the App on IOS, (iPhone X / 14.6), i have no sound on native, i have already tested several blocks of code to find what is the problem and nothing…

  • i use a web stream link on MP3 format 128 kbps.
  • IOS webview sound work
  • Android native sound work perfectly
  • IOS Native MP3 File dont work for me

here is my blocks,

I already read a lot of posts about this problem, and still dont have any solution…

Second Problem - IOS: // IOS Webview Slow
When i open a webview, blank screen for more than 10sec, i have a good internet and web time loading on Android using Web, Kodular, MIT AI2, and Thunkable is like 2-3 sec max

Also Native webview work perfectly on Android

Thanks in advance for your reply.

PS: I apologize for my english.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

Your code screen that you shared does not show what variables you are using and what exact sound file names.

At the moment, there is an issue about using file names of media files that have spaces in them. File names with spaces do not work on iOS.

Hello muneer, thank you,

@muneer I read a lot of your post’s, test your posted exemple’s and i learned a lot of things, Thank you very much for your community help,

Here is the code with variables and steam link, i have no space on it.

PS: i tested stream link with both http or https, same problem.

what do you think ?

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Thank you for your nice words.

I don’t see any Web View component in your code. I also don’t see any change of audio source in the code.

Is something missing?

Can you try this demo

Hi @muneer ,

I test it and the same bug, work on Android, not on IOS

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I created a fast public project for test Sound, please let’s me know if it’s work or not on IOS,

Android work good.

Thank you very much.

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My device is Android but I will seek an iOS device from a friend to do the test.

Idk if playing radio stations is possible on iOS like this but I do not streaming audio is not typically supported and is not mentioned in the docs.

Maybe not a bug but more like a parity between the platforms. I’ll discuss this with the engineering team on Monday and create this as whatever they deem appropriate either bug or feature request

Either way, I’ll raise this internally on Monday!

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