Sound plays on web preview but not on IOS

Hi, I have sound blocks in my code and they work on the web preview but no luck on the IOS live test Thunkable.

Is your iPhone set to Silent mode perhaps? On my iPhone 7S it is a switch on the side of the device.

Nope, I flicked that switch but no sound. I should mention the laser sound DOES play. That’s the only one though.

Make sure your filenames don’t have spaces and are (preferably) using just a-z and 0-9 characters:

Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 08.32.13

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I’ll try it out, thanks!

The app on my phone isn’t even updating now.

I am sorry, this sounds like a different problem and your app seems to have plenty. Can you open another project in the Thunkable Live app?

I can open it, but it doesn’t update

Like the blocks

Try copying it and opening the copy

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