UNRESOLVED: Icecast Streams Not Working

I’ve confirmed that the Sound Component can play a Shoutcast sample URL that I found online, but it is not working with my Icecast stream. No sound comes out when I use Icecast. I’ve tried with a 5 second wait before trying to play the stream and a 35 second wait - no difference. I just get “Sound file is not loaded yet.” Which makes sense - kind of. I mean it is a non-stop stream. But if Shoutcast works, why not Icecast?
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Can you please help me?

Use WebViewer for this.

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That doesn’t work in IOS 13 (that’s how my app is currently designed). The app stops playing audio as soon as the screen goes dark or the user switches to another app with the audio playing in the background. That’s why I started looking to build an app that could play audio directly. I guess I should have given up on Thunkable. I’m sick of all of these issues.

You confuse the problem a bit. Thunkable X applications cannot run in the background, so no component will run in the background.

Then why would you suggest using that to play an internet stream? That’s useless.

Why do I suggest a web viewer? Because in my Web Viewer your second link works, and in your question there was nothing about the need to work in the background.

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Hello, I have played a bit with icecast streams and here’s what I found:

  1. I can make it work on Android, but not on the iPhone.
  2. To avoid “Sound file is not loaded yet.”, allow 6 seconds or use block “On source loaded”
    So if you are on the iPhone, forget about Icecast, it even stucks entire player so it cannot even play mp3’s after you try to play stream.
    Can anybody from the support check this?

hi how to create a message

I suggest WebViewer when it is the only solution. Simply put, I offer solutions to issues, not solutions to problems related to publications in stores.

You have correctly noticed that I often offer WebViewer. I believe that every user should have a choice either to implement the desired function now, or wait for an unclear amount of time to implement it. If I waited for everything I wanted to do, then 10 years wouldn’t be enough.

Do you think that every mobile app must be published in the Apple store? I, for example, don’t think so and use apps for myself without having to consider what Apple likes or dislikes.

Does this mean that any app with a web viewer page will be rejected ?

If you want to publish your app in the Apple Store, then you need to read the official App Store Review Guidelines.


I understand your point of view and respect it, however when you are an agency offering mobile app development Apple store must be part of the services as you can imagine specially now on 2020 so yes on my end under my circumstances I do strongly believe an app must be able to be posted in the Apple store. Have a nice day if by any chance you know how to solve this issue natively would be much appreciate it.

I think you misidentified my status. I am a regular user who is not part of the development team. For this reason, I can only offer crutches instead of a reliable solution. I think you will appreciate this joke )

@actech lol you are funny, yes I appreciate your humor and your responses. Until now nobody from Thunkable answered this, I created a new post asking about it I don’t get it we have available native AI technology such as image recognition but there is no native solution for a radio stream? I think it must be maybe I’m just doing something wrong …? maybe the stream URL or the block of code? but I’ve been programming since 2013 I think the block of code is correct… have you been using ThunkableX a long road?

Thunkable X is a closed platform and for this reason only its developers decide what will be implemented and when. What should I do if the necessary functionality is not available and it is not clear when it will be implemented or whether it will be implemented at all? I think you can answer this question yourself. Personally, I use Web technologies, but this dramatically complicates the work, and not everything can be done, unfortunately.

The Sound component does not support streaming data, so it is not correct to use its blocks to get streaming audio.

If you like JavaScript-style tricks, then Thunkable X will definitely appeal to you.