Creating an infinite loop of external audio files


I am a real newbie here (thunkable and app development, basically no development background…), so my apologies if these questions are very obvious.

I am looking to have a play button on my screen connect to an external url that holds a large number of separate audio files and play them randomly, on an infinite loop until the user stops the loop.

A have a few questions about this.

  1. The Thunkable sound component has 2 options: an uploaded sound file or a simple URL … Will it be possible to link to a url that holds all of these sound files?

  2. Is there any way to set an infinite loop and randomise the sound files?

  3. Does this require some kind of database or a lot of backend block work?

  4. Any suggestions of databases or a smart way to set this up? This app is centred on the sound files, so it needs to work well!

I am making this app for free, so any cheap or free options would be so amazing.

Thank you all for your help with any of these Q’s.

Well the first thing to do is research. You asked a bunch of questions without doing any research.

You have less then 1minute of reading time

If you do research first the better answers will present themselves.

Everything you asked for is possible.

Thanks for letting me know it’s possible.

I have been researching this for a while actually. I finally joined the community today because I couldn’t find anything here in the docs and figured I would ask the Q myself. I may be asking the wrong questions or typing the wrong keywords. I don’t have a development background and really lack confidence right now.

If anyone has help or tips to any of the above, I would really appreciate it. Even a nudge in the right direction.

Many thanks

Research the community, and do tutorials. Its not all just docs. There are many videos out there as well.

When I search “infinite loop” “external audio file” “database” any of that, nothing relevant comes up here in the community or docs. Google has been sending me down a rabbit hole, because I have very little frame of reference and I don’t exactly know what I’m looking for. New to thunkable. New to app development. New new new.

Obviously, I will keep on searching and researching. If anyone knows of a resource that would assist me with any of the above, I’d be very appreciative!!!


First learn where to store your data. URLs, or raw source files.
Then learn about lists, and random indexes from lists
Then you can learn about using a player with a URL
Then you put them all together

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Thank you! That was helpful for this n00b. :slight_smile:

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