Adding sound source

how should we add a sound source component, I want to play the sound by which is given by the user how should I do it?

I don’t think that is possible currently…

Unfortunately, You can’t upload a file that’s not a photo or video
in your case an audio file… The only way to play an audio file that’s not included in
the app is to get it from a URL By asking the user What is the URL of the song you want to play?
Once the user inputs this then the app will get the audio file from the specified link and then play it…
For example the url can be this


You can easily use an html page and use the file tag to get the URL and pass it back to Thunkable using the Web Viewer extension.

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can you please show me some example?

I’m trying to get the audio input through user from normal blocks then how can I add that audio in HTML and store it …I’m confused


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Can you please explain clearly what you want me to clarify?

What is not clear in the example project?

Actually, I want to make an app where you amplify the audio and also save those recordings…so I came to know how to record and play the audio but when I use local storage to save the recording it’s not working I don’t know why and how to add external code to amplify the audio?