Audio recorder not playing

This is my first post. I am trying to make an app to record audio from phone and play it back. There are no errors on recording but when i click play it says something has gone wrong. i was hoping to post screenshot of block code but there is no option here.

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You can past the screen shot the normal Windows way (Ctrl-V) or by using the upload button in the editor here just beside the </>

Having a screenshot of your code will enable others to see your blocks and point out the mistake if any.

I can do screenshot on my pc but how do you do it on mobile phone. I don’t see < > thing . Where is it?

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Use this to upload your screenshot

Can you see the arrow?

No, I don’t see any arrow. I running across my screen design view, block view. Design is where I design my screen and block code which programmes the app. I am a complete novice not a programmer.

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I’m talking about taking a screenshot of your blocks screen and then use the community here to past/upload the screenshot so others can see what you have coded.

See my previous reply, I copied the screen that I’m using now to reply to you and provided an arrow to the icon you should use to upload your image of your code.

When copying the block screen you will be using the computer but the same icon is available in both the mobile and the PC version of the community app so you should be able to upload it.

I am just figuring out how to post screenshot. i can now show the block code. the app is not playing. I dont know what components to add to make it work.

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If you start a new project and place two buttons in the screen and then use the following

You should hear yourself for the 5 seconds from the time you pressed button 1

This is using the Drag and Drop UI

Under the audio recorder stop recording block, put
set sound1’s source to audioFile(green block).
Also, define the if function in your when StartAPI click block.

Thank you all. Your suggestion about set source to audiofile enabled me to record and play. Now I just need to be able to save and play the file. I did mess around and it all went hay wire but eventually got back to working.

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Thanks I will try it.

I had it working that it plays the recording then I messed it all up. After a while got it work again
Putting error against “if” statement, it reports as error. whereas it didn’t before.
Now I have to figure out how to save it somewhere

Thanks for helping . I do not have “play” component in my thunkable. i have used audio recorder’s timed recording as i dont have “sound file from”. so stuck here.