Record Sound doesn't works on Android

another example where this simple example of recording and play sound works perfectly on iOS and not in Android.
The output file is the same in both case m4a.

Please, do I have set different something for each OS?

See content of all “error” blocks.

no error … NULL

Try use mp3. See docs

Sorry but in the documentation you reported:

In my case Android create MP4 and iOS M4A (also if I store locally or in Cloudinary).
No mention about mp3.
In any case Android doesn’t play sound.
Which is my mistake?

I created a test app and it works on my Android 9

Take a look at how to work with error blocks. They need to be checked everywhere. Not in one block, but in all blocks and do error handling.

at the end I discovered that these kind of blocks doesn’t works on my Android Samsung Galaxy S9 (Ver. 10) that I use for the tests.
I switched on another one (Samsung S6) and it works fine.
iPhone works fine.

Thanks again.


Yes, unfortunately, you have to use several different phones to detect problems.