Audio Recording

Is there a way to record audio (in audio format) in an app?

Hi @Doug_Bergman,

Currently, Thunkable X don’t have any voice record feature (e.g. Microphone). But we will consider to put this feature in the future. Thanks for thunking it!


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ASAP, please!


I tried using the speech to text, but it autostops, and there is no block to notify the user that it’s not listening anymore, I still have to check how the assistant works, but I’m not confident that it might work.

Looks like there finally is an audio recorder block, and they didn’t announce it anywhere (wth), it works flawless on live preview, and strange on the phone, I’ll work on it to see if it actually works as intended

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Did you have any luck getting this to work? I can’t get the blocks to align with what’s in the documentation and the recording source blocks (green) keep coming up as null. Essentially, I can’t seem to find any recording that I make…

More specifically, I can’t find any Audio Recorder blocks and ca’t get anything to play from a device, but when I use the web preview, I can get it to play when I use a button with ‘Stop sound from 5 second recording’ and then ‘Play sound file from stopped audio recording’, but there is no start and it records nothing if I don’t press play before 5 seconds ends (it just doesn’t record if I leave it for longer than 5 seconds).

Seems like this is still very much work in progress… :confused: