REPORTED - Auto-stop recording

Thanks to @tatiang I managed to get my voice recording > GPT-3 app working OK but right now it’s only doing fixed (hardcoded) 5 second recordings. I’d like it to adjust the length of the recording dynamically based on incoming sound.

I thought I’d read somewhere that this was possible using the untimed recording (just a start recording block) but if I add a Start Recording and then try to upload the file from the stopped recording in the next block the recording just starts and then stops instantly.

I reported this bug a while ago and you were part of the community topic linked to in that bug report. Is this a different issue or the same?

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have you shown the function start audio recording? @nathanburley21656

Oh sorry I misunderstood. I found the post where you suggested it but obviously hadn’t found the one where you reported it. Shame, that functionality is pretty much what I need. I take it there’s no way to simulate it?

I haven’t been able to get anything to work…

:frowning: boooooo

@nathanburley21656 would you please share a screnshot of start audio recording? The function. Or you can check it over yourself. Im thinking somethings wrong there. But @tatiang yes, it may be a bug. There could be two reasons why.

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