Playing audio after mic recording has lower volume

Playing audio after microphone recording has been started and stopped, gives way lower volume. Next time the same audio is played it is all good.

I reported a similar issue six months ago but it was never responded to: Sound playback volume is inconsistent · Issue #1239 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub.

@tatiang @konyaevartyomizo Thanks for flagging this, all. Can you share a link to your project? We put out a fix for this issue in v411 for this so I would need to see the project itself to see what may be happening.


Here is a project you can use to reproduce this bug.

This bug can only be caught during the same session when you give microphone permissions to the app.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Thunkable Live for iOS. If you already have it installed, you need to delete it and then install again. You don’t need to do it if the app has never requested microphone permissions before;
  2. Increase volume to the maximum level;
  3. Launch the app and the project in case;
  4. Press “Start Recording”;
  5. Press “Stop Recording”;
  6. Press “Play Audio”.

Regardless of your volume settings, the sound will be very low. If you close Thunkable Live, launch it again and try the same sequence of actions, the volume will be normal. This fact makes me thinking the bug has something to do with the action of giving microphone permissions.

Although the bug can only be caught once by one regular user, it make their first experience in the app severely worse.

If you are able to confirm the bug, please get back to me with an update from the development team. That would be of help to know an estimated date for a fix.

P.S. I first caught this bug in my other private project. This project was only created to reproduce and demonstrate the bug.

any opinion how to mute the sound?i mean like we place mute icon.

@ozel1978 This issue is about the volume, not the sound itself. I guess it’s better to discuss your matter in a different thread.

@matt_conroy Hello, could you please comment on the status here?

Hi @konyaevartyomizo We are still looking into this. I appreciate your patience!

@konyaevartyomizo I spun up a simple app here with recording, stopping recording, and playback of a recording. I am unable to replicate the issue you are having.

The thing you would want to confirm is that recording has stopped. If the device is still recording, the playback will be at a lower volume because of that.

@matt_conroy You need to delete Thunkable Live app and reinstall it to reproduce this bug. That allows you to see the system window for microphone permissions and give them when start recording. By doing this, I was able to reproduce the bug in your app.

Details to help you investigate this:

  • You need to do it on iOS.

  • I your app, the audio to play is the one that has been recorded. If you reinstall the app like I said, and then start recording, give microphone permissions, record, stop recording and play the recording — you won’t hear anything at all.

  • In my app (the link was in my upper message), the audio to play is not the one you record. After you reinstall the app, start recording, give microphone permissions, stop recording, and play the audio, you will hear that the volume of the audio played is very low, regardless of the volume settings on your iPhone. With my app, to reproduce the bug, you need your device speaker, not headphones.

  • With both apps, if you then relaunch the Thunkable Live app, and perform those steps in the app again (you will have already given microphone permissions), you will hear the audio as expected.

I am a paying customer of Thunkable and I have a commercial app that is affected by this bug. Because of this bug, my new users can’t get decent experience with the app. Please fix this as soon a possible.

@konyaevartyomizo My sincerest apologies, I will continue to investigate this.

@matt_conroy Hello, checking in on the status here. Have you been able to confirm this bug on your side?

Hi @konyaevartyomizo Yes, this issue has been acknowledged by our Product team but we don’t have any timeline for a fix yet, however. I’ll have to update you here if I receive any news or a timeline.

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