Thunkable X Voice Recorder

with the actual version of Thurcable X is it possible record your own voice and feel it?
I check with speetchRecognizer …


Hi there. Unfortunately it’s not yet available on Thunkable ✕ – how were you planning on using it?


Noproblem. I wait the Next update.:grinning:

When will the voice recorder be available? It is for a testing app. Students will be recorded answering questions and the recording will be evaluated later.

This isn’t on our roadmap right now @lin unfortunately.

Thanks for outlining your intended use case though - will pass this on to the rest of the team.

I have seen that thunkable X doesn’t have a voice recorder but the classic edition has…

Why doesn’t X have this simple feature?


Yes - we need one ASAP for an App I am building. I want to be able to store the recorded files in the cloud.

Is user-uploaded audio supported yet?

For example, can the end user record a 10-second note with an in-app microphone and have it saved on local storage and replayed within the app?

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Hi @kindafree, welcome to the Thunkable community!

At the moment there’s no voice recorder or speech recorder so I don’t think this is possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

What sort of app are you trying to build?

An app where you record 15-second audio clips of your surroundings (that is one of the components). Is there an estimate on when this will be available?

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I hope you will put it on the road map!

You could use text to speech? And record a text answer. The user speaks, and you get text data.

Hey Albert. The voice recorder is needed by me as well. when will it be available? Is there a workaround for this?

HI @J_P_Singh - I don’t have an ETA for you for this component unfortunately. Can you tell me a little more about the app that you’re hoping to build and the role that the voice recorder would play in it please?


Hello! Is the speech/audio recording available yet? I’m looking to create a small app to take notes on the go. Something like SimpleNote on iOS? Literally records me talking, and saves that recording for transcription or playback at another time!

Welcome to the community @beonice80l4ec :wave:

There is actually a feature that will transcribe this for you already! Check it out

Sometimes I just want to have the audio available for playback, though. Not always transcribed.

For example, if I’m out walking on the beach and I want the background sound of the waves crashing on the beach …

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ahh! I don’t think at this time there is not an an option to record just audio.

Perhaps you could request that here on the GitHub request page

This is where the admins listen to our requests and can organize them much more clearly than on this forum


Thanks for the link to the project. When I try clicking the Listen button on my iPad, it tells me “Can’t Overwrite Firebase Data”! I know I dragged an invisible Firebase component into my own test project, but that shouldn’t affect your project, right?

If you are recieving that error, it means you need to change your read/write permissions on firebase

if you arent’ loggin in, this could be the reason why.

your firebase rules need to look like this
“rules”: {
“.read”: “auth! = null”,
“.write”: “auth! = null”

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