DeluxeTube – A YouTube video player tech-demo

DeluxeTube – A YouTube video player tech-demo for your favorite videos. Search for videos or copy a video URL (i.e. from the official YouTube app) and paste it in DeluxeTube.

• No need for API keys, no need for external services. All processing takes place on the device.
• Play your videos without ads and add them to your playlist
• Playlist modes: Single, Next, Loop, Shuffle
• Playlist import and export: Export to JSON, import from URL (i.e. Dropbox direct link etc.)
• Selectively remove videos from your playlist
• Device awake during playback, timeout applies when idle
• Support for any YouTube video URL format (youtube . com, etc.)
• Set default video on startup
• Full-screen video playback on landscape (iOS only)
• Auto-play on load

• Android (link)

Please reach out to me if you come across any.

• The app’s orientation is locked to portrait due to app locks when tilting to landscape and back multiple times.
• Landscape full-screen video playback works on iOS but not on Android. This is because iOS disregards the app’s portrait orientation setting for the video playback only but Android won’t so it sticks to portrait.
• The status bar on iOS is white (known issue, currently being investigated by Thunkable).
• The “Keep screen awake” feature does not seem to work properly on my Samsung Galaxy S10 however, it works fine on any other device I tested the app on.
• Videos auto-advance properly when on playlist mode only if the video playback is paused and played (if needed) using the app’s Play/Pause button. Using the video player’s controls will un-sync the timer employed for achieving the auto-advance feature. This is a limitation as there is no way to read the currently playing video’s play progress.
• Recently uploaded YouTube videos may not have a non-DASH version available yet. If you only get the video’s thumbnail but no playback, try again in a few hours. For more information on YouTube DASH and non-DASH video formats read this.
• Live streams are not supported.

Questions & Answers
Q: Can I have a copy of your project?
A: I would very much like you to try to replicate it and ask questions if you need help with it. I created this app as a tech-demo and to motivate others to push Thunkable’s limits to get the job done.

Q: Will this ever be made available on the app stores?
A: I doubt that. There are so many other similar apps, one more won’t bring any value (unless we add kick-ass features down the road… who knows?).

Q: Do you make money out of this? Are you sure there aren’t any ads or hidden costs?
A: Heck no! I do this to learn and have fun.

Q: Is this a virus?
A: Dude… seriously… no.

Q: Don’t you have better things to do than building this app for free?
A: Being in lock-down for the past 7 weeks, I thought I would find a nice way to kill my time and learn. It took me about a week of 2-4 hours a day to develop this app.

I don’t own the rights for any of the graphics used in the app. As mentioned, this is a tech-demo/proof of concept to demonstrate what can be done with the Thunkable platform. I don’t make any $$$ out of this. This app was built solely for educational purposes.


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EDIT: Please delete the old version before installing the new one as I just updated the Bundle ID and you don’t want to end up with 2 versions of the app installed on your device :slight_smile: Cheers!

I just uploaded an improved version of the app. You can now search for videos directly from within the app and watch them without being interrupted by ads (who likes that anyway?). Enjoy!

Major update just published. I have dumped the traditional list in favour of the data source list viewer which turns out to be rather powerful. Download from the same link as before for Android (link).

I’m having a little trouble with the linked app. It show the splash screen, goes to a black screen with some controls,then bounces back to the splash.

That’s interesting. I am testing on 4 different Android devices of different brands and OS versions and seeing no issues… Can you please try cleaning up the apps cache and data and launching it again? What’s your device brand and model?

Hi @Deluxe,

It didn’t work for me. Check this video
Starting DeluxTube

This is insanely weird… I think I have a suspicion what it could be… I will send you a PM to test something :wink:

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@drted @muneer check your private messages :slight_smile: You have something waiting for you.

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i think app space is tooo much

You mean it is too large?

I just uploaded version 1.2.1 which fixes a major bug with the search results which occurred when the results included promoted videos (ads). We are still looking at the issue which causes the app to crash upon launch. I have the impression that it too is related to ads but I will need your help to further investigate, should you be experiencing this issue (I am not :slight_smile:).

A couple of updates:

  • You can change the startup video to the one you are currently viewing, tap and hold the “Play/Pause” button.

  • You can swipe left and right entries in the favorites list to share them and remove them from the list.

Download link: (Android)

Thank you all

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It still hangs on my phone.

This is kind-of expected since we have not yet solved the issue of the video crashing the app in your location. Can you please create a new copy of the Diags app as I have re-written it last night? It only takes a push of the button to send the diagnostics unlike my previous email approach. Please make sure you run it on your device and not from the web. Thanks!

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You have used the “copy” method which means it will be a snapshot of your project and will not synchronize any update.

Please resend a newly generated link of the project so I can see your update.

Ah ok. Sending you a new link. Check your personal messages! Thanks!

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New version now available (Android). I believe that I may have found the reason for the previously reported issues which boils down to the different user agents employed by Android devices which, as you can imagine, vary significantly.

I also noticed that some YouTube videos are protected and those will not play no matter what. You will know they are the ones as the video details will load but there won’t be any video playback. I think you will come across plenty of them in the “Trending” section which I found time to implement…

Feel free to test and report back!

Thank you so much!

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How can I test this on my iPhone. I’d like to see how cool this app is!

Unfortunately I cannot release it for iOS due to restrictions enforced by Apple. :-/

Web wrapping?

I am not fond of web wrapping, I think it is an unnecessary capability of Thunkable’s. So on one hand I am not spending time on trying to get it to work on the web as when I tested it, it did not work properly.