DeluxeTube – A YouTube video player tech-demo

Hi @Deluxe I’m working on a little passion project at the moment and trying to workout a way of pulling the thumbnails from youtube without digging in to the api using the channel as the starting point.
Did you find a away to pull an individual video and associated thumbnail? If so any pointers?

Hey there! Yes the thumbnails can be found in the server response which, in fact, contains a JSON array. If you find a way to locate its beginning and the end in the server response, you will be able to locate the correct key-value pair and get the video thumbnail. Here is a piece of information which is really important: If you are creating an app for both iOS and Android, you need to hard-set the user agent used to get the server response as it is different on iOS and on Android so creating two separate routines to locate the thumbnails in the JSON responses will be really hard to maintain. What I did was to use the Windows 10 / Edge agent and that made the server always respond using the same JSON structure on both iOS and Android :wink: I know all this sounds confusing so don’t hesitate to come back with any questions you have. And if you wonder how I queried the server, I used the API component and used the URL of the channel or page. :wink:


Ahhh Awesome!
I’ve being racking my brains searching for a solution for the server query!!
That makes perfect sense, especially when you know how :grinning:
Thanks a mill I’ll give it a go and see how far I get!

Cheers! :+1: