Youtube video error

Hello Ben is it possible to use html5 player in thunkable because the youtube website does not show videos properly on thunkable app it moves to the side Voice is clear but the video becomes like this

Are you using Thunkable X or Thunkable Classic Android?

Thunkable classis

In WebViewer?


Thank You in advance for help

Will you know the problem Sir

And it’s on full screen?

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I made my YouTube channel app by thunkable but the problem is when I play the video and click on the full screen option then the screen gets white and the video is playing on the background someone please help me what to do

No it is not a problem of full screen it is also concerned with portrait mode

I have no idea what is this, It never happened with my WebViewer apps.

Thank You Sir
I think So that it is my android problem
Now I tried This App In other Android than I inform You Again
Thank You Again

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Okay, so mark your reply solved with the :white_check_mark: near the :heart:

My problem is not solved yet
Please pay heed on my problem
I work Too hard on my app but this problem makes my app as a zero

It looks good but it’s problem is not solving out