Webveiwer Video Full Screen Problem

Hello Everyone!
I was using webview component in thunkable X for my website.
So I am facing two issues.

  1. Any video on any website is not going full screen.
  2. Many times the webview is giving this error
    “Error loading page
    Domain: undefined
    Error code: -10
    Description: the protocol isn’t supported”
    You can see this in the screenshot attached.
    Please help me with the solution (Mainly for the video going full screen)
    Thank you

No one has the solution?
@domhnallohanlon ?

Can you inspect the website and find the source url? If you can, try paste that into the web viewer to test.

Also, maybe the file format is protected or unsupported.

Try this link. It is a common stream called Bick Buck Bunny and it is used to test applications like yours.

Paste the below link into WebViewer.


Let me know how this works :slight_smile:


Here is where you can find lots of video streams like shown above

I am not using a video URL in the webview, I used Google.com and searched for videos to see how they play in my app, and no video from multiple site was going full screen