Please Live-Test This App

Hey guys!
There’s a very simple task that I wanted any of you to do.
There’s an app that I have created. The goal of that app is very simple; you have to provide a link for any video and click on ‘Generate Video’.
The app navigates to a new screen. And then, you should be able to view the video whose link you had provided.
Now, since I don’t have a phone, maybe any of you can test it for me, and reply if it is working or not?
Just remix and view it from your phone, and tell me if it is working or not. YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD IT IF VIDEO COMPONENT DOESN’T WORK ON THUNKABLE LIVE.

I tried it for you and it does not work

You can install an emulator app in the computer to test it. There are instructions in Thunkable docs. See this 🖥️ App Services & Emulators - ✕ Docs

Hey @thecodingmasterabeer the app does not work,
I pasted a link to a youtube video, it does not work

Thunkable docs says YouTube videos may not run so using YouTube as a test might not be a good idea .

See this

Oh, so YouTube videos do not work with the component? It’s surprising!


It says in the documentation may not work. You just have to try and even if it works it may stop at any time due to change of service terms.

It will work with direct links to video files but won’t work with YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc. links. Also, the supported formats depend on whether you are on iOS or Android but are generally compatible with both. It is just that some codecs won’t work with one or the other.


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