Video not working

Video not working on thunkable live app or in IOS download i dont know about android i didn’t test it
any one have this problem too ??

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 9.27.14 PM

What is it that does not work, exactly? What is the URL you are using for the video player?

youtube url
and i have upload the video on thunkable the 2 ways not working

YouTube URLs are not supported. The YouTube URL points to a web page which then loads the video based on a number of factors. You need use a URL that points to the video file, not a web page.

i have upload a video from my device to thunkable mp4 and its not not working to

For example:

This will not work: Street Fighter II AGA: The impossible Amiga port, made possible...? :) - YouTube
This will work:

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you use to set your MP4 file as the source for the video player? Or the settings of the video player showing the source file?

This will work:

its work
can you plez tell how did you create this URL

I Googled it. First result. First video.

but do you now how i can create url like this for my video ???

Well, the video needs to be uploaded to a web server or a file sharing service (i.e. Box, DropBox, Google Drive) which allows creation of direct links.

I am still curious, can you please share the link you have been using as your source?

So if I understand correctly, you have uploaded the video in the app under “Files”, correct? If this is the case and the file format is correct then it should work. What may be a problem is the length of the file name as well as the fact that it contains non-latin characters. I would suggest renaming your video to i.e. “video.mp4” and trying if it works. By the way, are you sure it is an MP4 file? What is the video file type?

yes i have uploaded the video in the app under “Files”, correct

What is the video file type? its MP4

NKНастя Каменских -ПОЧУТТЯ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)-2.mp4

Can you try renaming it to “video.mp4” and checking if it works?

On a sidenote, uploading video in the app storage is not a good idea as you only have about 20 MB for assets and with just a video you will quickly go above that limit.

i have rename the video and its working
thank you so much for your help

i need one more help if you can

I am glad I helped. Please mark my response as “Solution”.

As for the other issue, I am afraid I don’t know the solution to that.

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i have uploaded the video fro google drive and get the direct URL but its not working

i found the way how to create direct URL with google drive
first you need the google drive share link
and then you need to go to this website

and paste your google drive share link their

I am testing on my side and it is working fine on both iOS and Android using the Video player component. Make sure you are using this exact link (without the double quotes):

…and make sure that “Play” is set to “true”:

Let me know if it works. If it does not work, create a web viewer component and use the same link to see if it works or if it returns any error messages.

can you send me screen shot how you create your link