[Solved] Youtube video in webview

I was trying to figure out how to link a youtube video with the web viewer component, I used a link that’s given for the video in the URL bar, but it doesn’t show in the web viewer. Should I use a stream link? Or is there a way to download a youtube video and display it with a video component?

well you cant because youtube is a secure website so thunkable cant open ityou can use the open link block instead

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You need to test the web viewer using Thunkable Live on a mobile phone.

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I tried linking a Youtube video to the video component, but it was not working even on Thunkable Live Test. Any idea how to do this? I feel it’s more convenient for the users to have the video displayed in the app without having to click a button. I also read the docs for the video component, and they said that videos from the net and Youtube will not work, and only downloaded videos can be displayed. How do I do this? I can’t even download the video from Youtube because the video is different in my app every time it is used.
Any idea how to do this?


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