Video Component Error

I have been using Thunkable since a few days now. I was exploring the components you can add in your project. I wanted to add a video in my project. So I dragged the video element to the screen. Then, Thunkable asked for the URL of the video. So I provided the link for a YouTube video I wanted to add in my app. Then Thunkable requested me to view the video on the phone. I have not downloaded the Thunkable Live app yet, so I just tried to preview my project using It showed a message “It seems like you are trying to open your project using a mobile phone. You can get the best experience if you try to join using a computer.” But I didn’t mind it. I opened the video screen, and at first, it showed a message 'File type not supported" and then, after sometime, it showed a loading icon, after that a weird icon appeared. I tried to click on it but again the loading icon appeared.
I would appreciate some help!
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please post a reply. I’ve been waiting since many months,

Check out the thunkable documentation to learn about supported file types for the video component

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