Video not working by URL (not visible)


Big thanks @rishabh_jain and @tatiang!

Hi everyone,

When I was making my app on the Thunkable X Cross Platform, I inserted a video (using the video feature and inserted the link). It is visible in the editing screen, however when I try to preview it with the preview option or using Thunkable Live, it’s not there (it’s a blank space). How do I make the video visible? Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you SO much if you can help!


Can you please share the link of your project
So we can see what is the problem

I think your coding is not correct so it is blank
Because many of the users face this problem
As their Coding is not correct

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What type of device are you trying to test it on? Do your video filenames contains any spaces (try removing them)?

This topic has some details about video playback:


Hi @tatiang,

I am testing on a iPhone 10X and the web preview on my Macbook Air. I didn’t insert a file (instead I inserted a URL Link which is also an option).

Thank you for that topic, however the the video isn’t visible on a specific operating system/device, but more (Thunkable Live, iOS, the web preview [I don’t know about Android as I don’t have an Android device to test on])!

Hi @rishabh_jain,

Can I DM you the link to my project?

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Ok but u can share here also as @tatiang will also help
The project name is Prothoma @arshii ??


Yes, the name is Prothoma.

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It is coming blank here

I am checking
In which screen u have inserted the video
There are many screen

Can you try again?

The problem is on the About Me page, by the way.

In which screen u have inserted video there are many screens
Can u tell the name

if you scroll down on the about me page

Here i previewed the app

These are the screens
Now which video ?

Yes, so scroll down on the About Me Page. If you are viewing the app on Thunkable Live or the Web Preview, you will see a part called ‘NorCal Bengali Association- Prothoma Presents’. Scroll down to the end of that part and you’ll see a blank space. That is where the video is supposed to be.

In the editor:

In the Web Preview:


Hey u cannot paste any YT url in video component use web viewer to post a YT video

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Oh, okay! I didn’t know that :sweat_smile:! How silly of me! Thanks so much!

Mark as solution if the topic is solved
But good ui of the app

Let me check if it is solved, and then I will.

give me a couple mins


It’s working for me

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From the documentation:

The link has to end in .mp4 , .mov , …so videos uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites may not work.