[Resolved] iOS video component not displaying

Hello friends,

I’ve been working on a video for my iOS version of the mobile app I’ve been trying to make. Android has been working like a dream, however, iOS has been giving me some issues. As I don’t have free access to an iPhone, it is taking a little more work.

Here is the issue: I added a .mp4 to the app assets (2.6 mb). I added a screen with only the video player component on it, set to play on page open and stop when the return button is tapped. On Android (Samsung), it works just fine and on iOS it works in the Thunkable Live Test app. However, when I uploaded it to Apple Flighttest, the video no longer displays or plays. I’ve done research on the community but nothing has been figured out for a solution.

For example:

I checked, and my filename has no spaces (Tooltipsvideov3.mp4).
This post never had a resolution:

And this post is talking about using a cloud to call the video to play:

I don’t want to use a cloud because I want people to be able to use the app without needing mobile data. Besides, the .mp4 is only 2.6 mb. I feel that it’s not necessary to use a cloud service to pull a tooltip video. I feel that this is a iOS problem and not strictly a Thunkable issue. Is it a permissions issue from Apple? Could it be a formatting problem or filetype issue?

I am not familiar with iOS devices so any help would be appreciated. If a solution is found, I’m going to post it somewhere so that other people can fix this too.

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Hi @ashesdroid :wave:

I just tested this in both StP and DnD. I can verify that that when the file name has a space, it wont work. I can see that you’ve already checked for that.

Can you try these projects and let me know if you see the videos?
Drag and Drop ^^^^^

Snap to Place ^^^

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Hi @jared Thank you for the reply.

I was able to view the “video.mp4” on the StP project (but not the “Vid Vid.mp4”), but I could not navigate to the video on the DnD version. I remixed a navigation button and then was able to see the video auto-play when I got to the second screen.

I was able to see the video on my own app play when I used the Live Test on my older iPad - which is the same device I just tested yours on. It’s when the beta app gets downloaded onto a phone as a freestanding app (through FlightTest by Apple).

yeah. i see that now after testing. That’s something I’ll investigate.

videos with file names that have spaces don’t work, i left that in there on purpose for demonstration.

do you have a project and published app I can check out. You could send it privately in a DM if you’d like. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I figured that you left Vid Vid for a demo or a control variable as a test. Just wanted to confirm your results back to you. I sent a DM. Thank you!

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From Jared in the DM:

This is the temp solution and it is being addressed. Just wanted to share with everyone in case others had the same question.


Hey All!!!

I just got a message from our hard working engineering team! You should be able to download your v with a packaged video and the video should play as expected on both iOS and Android!!!

@ashesdroid @muneer @expertauthor2020 @tatiang @darren


That’s amazing! I’d just like to confirm that I downloaded my app to my iPad and the video worked exactly as it should. Thank you Thunkable team!!


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