Video does not work in app live thunkable and build app

does everyone have video’s issue?
video player or embed video does not display.
I was using 2 methods to embed video:

  • using video component and upload the video into it
  • using web view and embed video from youtube.
    both methods do not work on live thunkable app and downloaded app
    but it work with live test and web app.


Do you have a project we can test?

yes sure,

please navigate to screen 1 (menu)
I just hardcode url of 2 youtubde videos,
and upload 1 mp4 video in to video player

but 3 of them not work,

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Correct me if I’m wrong but the video player component requires the stream url.

I’ve previously tested before with YouTube. Extracting the stream url is easy but again with all google services it requires authentication. You can play and view this link in ur own browser when signed in but viewing it incognito does not work.

thanks for your reply,
but in my case I uploaded the mp4 into video player
and another method is using webview to embed the youtube video,
I used to do this before, but now, I cannot

Video player works fine for me.

You should resort to uploading your content to Cloudinary or AWS S3 and gather a stream link from there. I personally prefer S3, but Cloudinary will work the exact same.


Curious… How do you extract the YouTube video URL? By using an external service?

Just inspect the web page, go under the sources tab and you’ll find a list of the streams under XHR, though now that I test this method again the stream url doesn’t appear to work at all.

Google Drive, Google Photos and more do this.

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did you try to upload the video into video player?
not using url, use some mp4 file and upload directly into video component.
@Deluxe you can use VLC to get the direct url from youtube

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with videos i have this problem

Does the link you are using end with .mp4 or .mov?

Because if not, it wont work correctly.


yes, its a link hosted in cloudinary

did you ever solve the problem because I am having to same issue. They played before and now they are not

I am new here! Just tested the application. I also have the same question here. On the web page, it looks fine, however, in the live app, it disappears. I uploaded files (MP4), not used any urls. I was really excited about finding this company…

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I just replicated the problem in Thunkable Live on an iPhone. When previewed in Chrome, it works fine and I can play the video but in Thunkable Live, it shows up completely blank as if the Video component isn’t even there.

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When using iOS, there is an issue with names having spaces such as “My First Video.mp4”. Use a file name without the space.

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Oh right! I always forget that. Thank you.

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Thank you for recommending Cloudinary. It works very well. greetings