Video Player...streaming url

Is it possible for the video player in android classic to play streaming video from a server?

From what I have found, it can only link to the video itself ie mp4 for example and not play a stream. I have an m3u8 url.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


With the help of Thunkable X, in the discussion thread you wrote, it’s easy to do at least for iOS. In Thunkable Classic I did not do it and therefore can not give an exact answer.

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I am also interested in learning how to play the live stream on iOS. I didnt see a player so not sure how to implement it and block it out.

To play the video, try using WebViewer.

will it play a stream or only an mp4 video?

Check it.

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You are amazing. It played a video.

I have an embed code from my server that uses an m3u8 so I can only guess that will also work to play a stream for both android and iOS.

I build channels for ROKU and new at building for mobile. You are a great help. Thank you.

I have been building an app in the classic side. I should try and build on the one for both android and iOS I guess. Makes sense if it can do what I need for both :slight_smile:

Before creating a large application, I recommend that you check the operation of streaming video on iOS and Android devices. I have some doubts that streaming video will work well for everyone, but it will be great if it works!

Yes it would be great to play an m3u8 stream…

In the example you sent, was it html embed? I tried my html I have for embedding a stream and it did not work. I will have to find how to add my mp4 videos. I don’t know what to put into the url section of the blocks since it looks like html from what i can see on youur example.

I use URI - protocol “data:” because this method allows you to dynamically change html. You can here use html, javascript, css.

With streaming video, it’s not that easy, maybe your streaming video will not work. Try to link to your streaming video in my example. Does the stream work?

As far as I understand on Thunkable X WebViewer HTTP Live Streaming is not supported and this is a big problem.

I was able to add the url that goes directly to a video on my server and it played. I only had to add the url as without any other code in the space for url.

it played on my android. Thank you. I will have to add each individual video until there is a way to play a streaming url.

Thanks so much for the help.

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You stated that you build channels for Roku… can you tell me more about that, as I’m interested in learning about building channels & apps to play video especially in Thunkable.

I’m new to Thunkable and currently wanting to learn how to make mobile apps for my video content. ROKU is available only on televisions and not mobile but a great way to get content out to TV’s across the US and several other countries.

I have been using App Inventor for a few years & Thunkable for several months now.
Building Android apps with the ability to play videos is one of my top interest.
Maybe we can work together to build an app or two using your content.

Apps that play video is also of interest to me. I’m in the process of developing new content.

Can you give me examples of content that you already have?


Sorry for the delay. Some of the content I have belongs to other people. I don’t have their approval to allow it to be shared outside of my roku channels. We work with family related content and we are currently in pre-production on our new content.