Video not loading

Hi my video is not working on thunkable live on my ipad. I have the latest updated version of thunkable and the video ends in .mov.

Is the video uploaded to the project or stored in the cloud?
Are you playing it using the Video component?
Can you post a link to the project?

The video is uploaded to the projects and is playing on the video component
Heres the link: Thunkable

Which screen is it on and what is the name of the video file?

Edit: If it’s the video file “A new” on the “c.c_book page” screen then that’s only working in a browser for me, too. It doesn’t play or show up on my iPhone in Thunkable Live.

Yes it is the “a new” on c.c_book page i’m having the same problem

I tried displaying a 16 MB .mov file on my phone and it worked:

Thunkable (drag and drop)
Thunkable (legacy)

Maybe there’s just some corruption with your project or that specific video file… can you try a different file? You could try one of the smaller ones here:

Your project is also 49.92 MB which is 0.08 MB shy of the max file size of 50 MB. You might need to remove some content.

It didn’t work but i also tried your project on thunkable live on my ipad and it didn’t work either so it may not be a problem with the code.

I deleted almost everything from your project and it still won’t play a video. I think there’s something wrong with the format of your videos. That’s my best guess. But you could also submit this simplified project to Support to get help:

Aha! My video plays:

So it is something about the specific video files you uploaded.

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hmm its still not playing it on my end. I tried it on my phone and it didn’t work either. I will try submitting to support. Thanks for all your help!

IOS code for Thunkable does not like video file names with spaces.

Remove the spaces and reupload the file and it should work.

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It worked! Thank you so much!!