Videos not displaying in ios download or live testing

Videos not displaying in ios with download or live testing, one video is a youtube link and the other is an asset installed in the app both using the video component. Tested on both my iphone 6 and iphone 10. Any ideas?
Works fine with my Samsung S7 and S10.

Hey @Garry_Lane - did you ever manage to find a solution for this?

Only cloudinary links work for me. No youtube or any other link I didn’t even know YouTube links could be played until the user mentioned it :joy:

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No the issue still exists

Hi @Garry_Lane as our docs explain:

The link has to end in .mp4, .mov, …so videos uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites may not work.

So I am guessing that links such as would not work.

You mentioned that you also have a video uploaded as an asset… What is the format of that video? It might be an encoding issue, but I can confirm that both uploaded assets and Cloudinary links with the right formats seem to be working fine both on Android and iOS at the moment.

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I’ve got videos working through s3 with .mp4 extensions, but auto playing the videos either crashes ios or results in a black screen. Android seems to be fine.

Any work around on the auto-play issue with ios?

After fooling around with it more, it doesn’t appear to be the play function in the code. However, there does have to be some kind of button press to start the play. If you start play on entering a screen it crashes.

Cheers for your reply I have since removed those files from my project, but i will locate them and see what file types they were and get back to you. From memory i think i may have converted them to 3gp to keep file sizes under thunkables app limits.