Data Viewer List - Can I use it for my purpose?

Thunkable document gives this image

This is exactly what I want to do. I have a some categories like Donor, Requestor, Facilitator etc … and associated with that I have UserInfo: Name, Add, Phone, EmailID and URL.
When the Donor/Requestor/Facilitator create their account I ask them the above info and want to save in the above fashion. Later on users should be able to browse the data for registered
I could not find a single example giving how to do this. Please advice or point me to a sample program. I think I use list Viewer to list them(This is all done) and Data Viewer to list them(Not done). I struggled a lot could not figure it out. Please advice.

Data Viewer Lists (DVLs) can be used to display data that is stored in a data source. So if you save the user’s data to a local table, Google Sheet or Airtable, then you can use a DVL to display that data.

There are tutorial videos and documentation related to Data Viewer Lists. If you get stuck, post a link to your project or a screenshot of your blocks and someone on the forums may be able to help you.