How do I show a custom Data Viewer List to some users

Good day great thunkers ,I have a question concerning the custom DVL,and it’s am working on a social app for my group,and I want users to see post made in the spreadsheet,based on user they are subscribed to.

The thing is a unique code is assigned to every user at the press of sign up button,so whenever a user follows another user on the app that user’s code is added to their Sub-List,and they get to see post made by that user with the help of the UNIQUE CODE.
And every post made will be preview in the App with a custom DVL that’s attached with rowID,so please how do I make this work, thanks in advance.


If you want to use online spreadsheet data, although the data can be displayed quickly, it may be difficult for everyone to be different.
My method is to use firebase database, with data display or list display.
When the program starts, I will read the data and display it directly in the list display; Or cooperate with the local data table, at the beginning, clear all the data, and use the method of reading the list to read and add to the data table one by one.


I don’t really get it.