Help with "Any component" and "Data Viewer"

Hi everyone!
I’m getting data from internet using API, it’s just some news from the web about a certain query.
I got all the info i needed succesfully, loaded into a list and correctly displayed using a “List Viewer”. I did it by using an “any component” block: for each J found, it adds an object’s property to a list. In this case for each articles found, it gets the “author” and add it to this specific list.

I want to level up and switch the “List Viewer” component to a “Data Viewer” that allows me better graphics and images but i cant work it out.

While using the “any component” block on “Data Viewer” i cant see how i can show the data i have both texts or images.
I could easily set the text with the previous “List Viewer” by selection> Any component> Set text items.

Did someone find himself in a similar situation?
Thank you very much for your help

Screenshot attached, sometimes it’s just easier to show blocks


A Data Viewer List (DVL) syncs with a data source. So you will need to store your data in a local table, Google Sheet or Airtable. You can do this by using the Create Row block within your loop.


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