Changing Data Viewer Data Source by blocks?

Hi everybody
Do we have any option to change Data Viewer data source by blocks ?

we can manage data source blocks,
but so far, data viewer has not option. (only in design tab)

i hope data viewer option and data source block with not row id, but other values

I need this.

@cgiou @seth @saramdl.gaunde021

You could use more than 1 data viewer.

Set each to the desired binding.

Keep all invisible until needed.

This doesn’t allow for truly dynamic lists but provides the appearance being dynamic.

Would this work?

Close, but can you update where the data is coming from within Airtable?

Each user has a unique block of text that they need to see.

This likely requires a custom listViewer option

Hopefully the admins can add a Query filter option in the future!

Any insight on this @domhnallohanlon

Yeah, I’ve switched to list, it works well.

Only down side is that it’s not as pretty with subtitle/image options.
But it gets the job done.

Thanks for the suggestions.

No, sorry. That’s not what I means. :grinning: Make your own data viewer with the clone blocks.

Do a forum search for diy list viewerstrong text

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