How do I override these gui settings for a Data viewer list?

So when you put a Data viewer list in your project you have to select these data source settings based on your template.

What I’d like to do is change the table source with blocks so I can refresh the data viewer list component with content from another google sheet table. I read your documentation and searched the community couldn’t find someone doing something similar. Any help?

It’s not possible to do that. It’s been requested informally in the forums a bunch of times but I would recommend upvoting the formal feature request at Add the Ability to change the datasource and the table name through the use of code blocks. · Issue #671 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub.

Without being able to change the data source, your options are to use a range of rows in a spreadsheet for each “source” (e.g. rows 1-50 for source #1, rows 51-100 for source #2, etc. – this really only works if your columns are the same for each source) or to use something like firebase where you’re not tied to row/column structures and can build the database however you like, including using multiple “sources”.

The closest I have figured out is to create a “template” datasource and populate it from and alternative source.

See JSON Bound Data List Viewer - No More Cloning!

@drted I tried to get this to work for my use in Google sheets source but couldn’t get it to work. Any examples you can share with 1 data viewer list displaying from different data sources, which is different sheet tabs in Google sheets.