Data list viewer item click change data source

i use data viewer list, but i cant find block to change data source ( google sheet )
How i can click item index 0 or 1 or 2 … and change data source to another sheet
and how i can make event when item clicked (item index 1 or 2 or 3 )and do something …
Thank you very much

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Click the + symbol next to Data Sources and add your Google Sheet. Once you do that, you will have the Data Sources “drawer” in the list of blocks in the Blocks tab.


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You cannot change the Data Source by code. The source you select at design time is the only source that will be available to the DVL (Data Viewer List).

Thank you, how about item in DVL clicked ?
If click first item and call webviewer to url aaa … second item and call webviewer go to url bb …

You can use the when clicked block for that:

The green row id block corresponds to a row in your data source.

It dont work !

Try this:

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Thank you very much

Oh, after read again, i wrong, i mean change sheets in data source, how i call DVL change data to another sheet ?

i mean chang DVL source to another sheet, can you help me ?

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You cannot change the Data Source of the DVL by code


You would have to create a separate DVL for each data source. It’s better to figure out a way to use a single data source to store all the data you need.

Please consider adding a comment to this feature request:

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