Why it is not possible to enter a list to the components: Data Viewer List and Data Viewer Grid?

Hi, I wanted to renew the list in my application and display it in the component: Data Viewer List, unfortunately I couldn’t do that because this component only supports the table and not the list,
Can you add an option that the components: Data Viewer List and Data Viewer Grid also work with a standard list and not just a table?
It can help me a lot! (I don’t really like working with tables)

Good day @point

I did it ussing a local db to save those values and show them in the data list viewer.


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Hi, thanks for the advice. But in my opinion this is a very long and complicated way, is there a way to do it without using the table at all? (I want it to be possible to just enter the list and that’s it)

I tried several options, and none of them went through. At the end is just to save the row id in a stored variable and evetytime that you enter in that screen you remove the previous data and create a new list of data in the local db.

Anyway, if you get something that works let me know.

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