Cross plataforma in Android

my app works fine on iOS but on Android in live test and apk only one blank page appears! does anyone know why?

Have you tried different versions of android?

Do you know how to use ADB to debug android? If not, it is really worth learning and installing the pieces to debug. If so, please do a adb log capture.

Do you have any startup screen things that might be cause an issue.

Setup a test where you add debug information to a label. That will help you figure out where things are breaking

I experimented with tablet and mobile phone and the result is the same. how can i test adb debug?

@Cian_O_Sullivan I found the problem. I had a webviewer to call a html file by deleting the block that calls the html the screen appears normally, but if I call the html again everything is white again

It looks like a path problem to the local assets.

Try to build just a webviewer app, with your file, and play around with the path ./ etc to see.

Another way to confirm is setup a button that changes the url to so you can see the webviewer is working, it just does not like the path of the asset on Android.

You may need to remote store it, and get the URL remotely, because I know the android assets need to be in a different spot like/android_assets

@Cian_O_Sullivan one more thing webview after compile for ios does not work only appears blank but works on testlive

You said it works fine. Does it not work in either?

in testlive only in ios but after compiling does not work in any

Its because it is a local asset. What are your blocks


try setting the path for android to file:///android_asset/file1.html

See if that works. If it does then we need the same path if it is iOS

you know path for ios?

hello can you help me I wanted to try to open an html file that I have in firebase storage in webview, how can I do it? thank you