Thunkable × live testing not working

i decided to try out thunkable × and play around with its features to see if i should make the switch from app.thunk to x.thunk.

i toyed around and made a small app with very basic functions. (buttons, labels, navigators)

i wanted to test if the app would work on my phone (oneplus 3), so i clicked the live test button. i had already downloaded the new livetest app on my phone and had it open.

my phone’s screen went blank.

no matter how many times i try logging out and resetting, the screen goes white everytime.


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Here you need to watch the logs of what is happening with the help of adb:

adb logcat > logcat.txt

@unni Can you click on the share button at the top of your screen, generate a share link, and share it with us? That’ll help us debug what is going on. Thanks.

It isn’t working on my oneplus5t either… is my app


Try on Screen1 add new Row13, move buttons Button9, Button10, Button11 from Row6 to it, and delete Row6. The problem has disappeared?

Everything turned out to be much easier. In the Row6 the Height property is empty. Specify the value in it and everything should work. It’s interesting that on iOS it works without problems.

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wow ya, that did the trick. Thank you.