Blogger app in thunkable x

How can i make a blogger app appear in web view in thunkable x
To make an ios and android apps
When i made it and made test …this screen is appear

What is the problem … and how can i solve it??

Try to disable all the blocks in the project and run it. If everything is in order, then gradually connect the blocks to search for the moment when the application stops running.

Thank you for repling
Im open new project …
Put web viewer in the first screen
I didnt do any thing else
Then … no result axcept this message in the pic

Can you give a link to your project? What version of Android are you using? If you can work with the ADB debugger, then the cause of the application crash can be viewed in the log file.

As a temporary solution, you can try to use Android emulator called Bluestacks

i dont know how can i do all these things
i dont know the version of android
what is ADB debugger ??
what iss the log file??
please help me

Ok, can you install Bluestacks at, install Thunkable Live on it and run your project?