Community Update: New File Picker component was just released [Mar 2022]

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I saw a notification about the new File Picker component in Thunkable. Is there a blog entry about this? I did see it in the documentation.

I was excited to try out this new feature so I made a very simple demo that lets you upload a file from a computer or mobile device and then displays the file information and:

– if it’s an image or PDF, displays it
– if it’s a sound file, plays it

Here’s a screenshot from Thunkable Live:

I’d love to start a discussion about what we might use this feature for…

Some ideas I had:

• Users can upload audio to be played in a playlist
• Users can upload .csv files to be parsed within an app in order to update a database
• Offline users can upload a text file or JSON file to be used as a configuration file to modify/update an app


I was not able to get it to play an .mp3 file that I uploaded from my computer.

Edit: totally my fault! See below.

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Can you print the mime type to a debug label?

Well this is embarrassing. I can’t stand the constant sound effects of the Thunkable interface and there’s no way to turn them off so I always mute the tab I’m working in.

The mp3 file (audio/mpeg mime type) was playing just fine. I just had it muted!

I used a file from here: Sample MP3 audio files



:rofl: we’ve all been there. That clicking drives my partner crazy I think. She’s just too kind to say it.


This note in the documentation is really out of context

As if you are telling everyone, we know from the start that this is an issue but we’re not even willing to show an internal loading icon. We meant it.

I tried this block

From the mobile, it works as expected.

From the computer, I cannot see the message when I cancel.

In a published web app or web preview?

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I checked both. There is no response if you cancel the File Dialog from the computer whether it is a Published Web App or the Preview feature in design page.

Is this new feature in the “Snap to Place” version as well as the DnD? I can’t seem to find it in the components. :thinking:

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No. See this:

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I was wrong! For now, the file picker is an invisible component you need to add to the project, same as when adding Airtable or Firebase!!

File picker is available on Snap to place.

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