Is File picker available on Snap-to-Place? (flex-box builder interface)

The new pdf picker has been launched which is a great component to all across the community;
I just want to know when will it be available for STP(Snap-to-place) as well?

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I believe the plan is to keep it on drag and drop only, but Iā€™m checking and will update this if I hear different.

Our overal plan as a platform is to continue to shift to DnD only so our efforts and energy will be to make that interface our improved and eventually only interface, provide a smooth transition from StP to DnD, and continue to empower and educate users how to build cool things.

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I was wrong! For now, the file picker is an invisible component you need to add to the project, same as when adding Airtable or Firebase!!

File picker is available on Snap to place.


Yea I just got to know

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