MP3 files playing in practice but not when published to Apple


I have a problem that my mp3 files play fine when I demo using Thunkable but as soon as I publish to Apple they don’t play. I can’t save them as a different format as it makes my files too big as I have 42 sound files.

Do you have any ideas about what I can do? I’ve already had it online for a few months and I’ve got people desperate for the sound to be made available.


Does your app have to be without internet ? Otherwise you can try putting your files into a database

Ideally yes. I had thought about having them in a database… is there a way to have the files in a database and then have them called the first time that the app is run, then stored locally?

I don’t know about this, but normally if they’re uploaded it should work properly. Are you sure you removed all the spaces and that the capital letters are respected ?

Spaces!!! You are a GENIUS!!! Thank you! I shall get them removed immediately. WOW! Amazing.

Is it working ?